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Originally I did not intend to become a prostate health advocate, and certainly I was
not an expert on orgasms. I admit that I was uncomfortable talking about sexual
health. During the last ten years I've broken through the spell of my conditioning to
discover that sexual health is one of the most interesting subjects, and knowledge
can open the door to life changing experiences.

"Muscle-gasms" or "heart-gasms" (however these sensations are described) can
occur throughout the body. Sometimes they aren't even sexual. Each day I look
forward to helping others break through their conditioning to realize they have the
power within themselves to experience unlimited higher levels of health and pleasure
beyond their wildest dreams.

Life is a mysterious journey, we travel alone and together, and then we Fly!

During the last decade I have travelled further within, exploring the so-called "mystery
glands," from the prostate to the pineal gland in the brain. As a result I learned how
to experience super orgasms that can fill the whole body, and last as long as desired.
No erection is necessary to have a super orgasm. This is good news for men with
Erectile Dysfunction (E.D.). These "Tingly-Ecstatic-Sensations" can be awakened
in the prostate and lower chakras, then coaxed up the spine. The entire body can
feel like a fountain overflowing with energy, until it is almost too much...

A new world is waiting to be discovered, and the future may be closer than it appears:
It's within you! Humans have already been to outer space, so inner space is really the
last frontier.

Are you ready to explore higher levels of pleasure? Having an experienced guide is
helpful. Let this website be a launch point, and a road map back to you. The journey
may sound simple. However, it could be the most challenging and rewarding journey
of your life. I invite you to join me on a parallel journey of discoveries within.

We can begin our parallel journey to higher states right now!

As a result of inventing the world's first external prostate massager, I also figured out
how to massage thousands of men -- All at the same time!  Funny, I've always felt a
connection with our physical health customers through the prostate. Guess I'm just
a sensitive guy. Even more interestingly, the connection I feel with our sexual health
customers is through the Heart. For a long time I was curious about this heart
connection. Then I read a quote from Dr. John Diamond, M.D.
, Reflections of a Healer:

"Sexual issues... are matters of the Heart."

The body is supremely designed to experience natural states of ecstasy, but if we
don't have the keys, then we are locked out of our own joyful experiences. The keys
to unlocking the gates to higher levels are so simple that you may not recognize
them when you read them:
Massage, Yoga, Stretching, and Meditation.

Ten years ago I experienced a super orgasm while sitting on the Prostate CradleTM
and it happened by accident! One night I was working late at my desk while sitting
on a Cradle. I was not even thinking about sex when the Super-O occurred. My
prostate suddenly became super-stimulated. I began to experience a dry orgasm with
no ejaculation, and it continued on for ten minutes! Ten minutes seemed like forever.
It could have lasted longer, but eventually I got tired. After I stood up the orgasm
sensation continued... For a moment I thought my prostate was stuck on "Super-O
Mode." After a few more minutes of nervous pacing, the orgasm sensation faded
away, and my prostate was forever changed.

You can learn how to have Full Body Super Orgasms!

Since that night, my prostate has become very sensitive, in a good way.  
This experience is often referred to as "re-wiring." It's when the prostate glows with
continuous waves of wonder-full feelings. Usually this is achieved through massage,
but there are other methods. After becoming re-wired, the prostate requires only light
stimulation to remind the muscles of the feeling of being "turned on." The feeling can
be moved up the spine to fill the whole body. What is the down side to experiencing
male multiple orgasms (M.M.O's) and full body super orgasms? Nothing, unless you
are having too few or too many -- Don't over do it!

The prostate is a muscle and a gland. It can be strengthened like any other muscle.
By the way, women also have something similar to a prostate gland, and it shares a
similar function: Lubrication of the sex parts. For women it's called the Graphenberg
Spot or "G Spot." Hence, the nickname that came later, "Male G Spot" for the area
surrounding the male prostate. Imagine how body builders increase the size of their
muscles. Now you are getting the idea! A strong and healthy prostate muscle can
experience hands-free multiple orgasms triggered with just a gentle massage.

"The Prostate Cradle is the greatest invention I can think
of...  I've been sitting here having waves of orgasms.
This secret needs to get out to all men!"
- J.M.

The Cradle has a revolutionary design because men can safely massage their
prostate at home in the comfort of their favorite chair or in bed. And it even works
over light clothing. The Cradle makes prostate massage more accessible for men
who might otherwise be afraid to explore the prostate area with traditional methods.

The Cradle helps to remove the old taboo surrounding the prostate. Sex Educator
Charlie Glickman refers to the Cradle as being "a cure for Anal-Phobia" in his book:
"The Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure."

Ron M. Bazar's book "Healthy Prostate - The Extensive Guide" says,
"The Prostate Cradle
TM" is a wonderful invention that does the massage for you
just by sitting. You will find this device a natural and safe easy way to get the
benefits of prostate massage."

People often ask which is better: internal or external prostate massage? The answer
is both! Each technique focuses on a different area of the prostate, and both massage
methods get the job done! This is why we recommend the finest brand of internal
prostate massagers which are designed for both men and women at

The body is a Golden Compass if you know how to read it; a
Magic Flute if you know how to play it; and a Vessel of Light
when the light is let in -- Discover how to let your light shine!

Caution: Gentle care must be taken when gradually building muscles and reflexes.  
When the secrets to multiple orgasms are discovered, it may be tempting to over
do it. Instead, try to slow down and enjoy each step. Travel not too far each day.
Consult with as many medical doctors and health professionals as possible.
"Sexual health is a state of physical, emotional, mental and social
well being in relation to sexuality; it is not merely the absence of disease,
dysfunction or infirmity. Sexual health requires a positive and respectful
approach to sexuality and sexual relationships, as well as the possibility
of having pleasurable and safe sexual experiences, free of coercion,
discrimination and violence."
– Center for Disease Control (C.D.C.)

My name is Adam McVay, Certified Massage
Therapist, Master Masseuse, and Inventor.
Ten years ago I invented the world's first
external prostate massager to help make
prostate massage
Safe, Easy and Fun!

The Prostate CradleTM was originally created
as a health device for men. However, soon
customers began reporting they were having
the best orgasms of their life while sitting on
"The Cradle" --
Thank you early supporters!
Discover A New World Within!
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